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Residential Window Tinting in Palm Desert, CA

Your home's windows play an important role in delivering natural light. However, the sun's UV rays can have a big impact on your furnishings, flooring, paintings, and other home decor. UV rays can drain the color from fabrics, and antique furniture and silks are especially vulnerable. That's where Cool Solutions comes in.

Cool Solutions offers residential window tinting Palm Desert, CA homeowners can count on to protect their decor, loved ones, and utility bills from harmful UV rays. Each of our exclusive window films is designed to:

  • Reduce fading: Our residential window tinting reflects solar heat and UV light, which means you can let the sun shine in your home without worrying about your furnishings or fabrics fading.

  • Reduce glare: Our window tints allow sunlight to pass through your windows safely while reducing the amount of glare. You can watch TV, work on your computer, and scroll on your tablet right by your window without blurred vision, squinting,
    or headaches.


  • Reject solar heat: Heat can pass through glass, which makes it difficult to stay comfortable during hot summer days even with air conditioning to cool your home. Cool Solutions provides window tinting Palm Desert, CA residents can use to keep unwanted solar heat out of their homes.

  • Reduce electricity bills: When solar heat makes its way inside your home, it not only drives up the temperature of your house but also makes your air conditioning system work harder. This can drive up your electricity bill and no one wants to deal with that. Because our residential window tinting keeps unwanted solar heat out of your home, you can rest assured knowing your utilities are in great shape.

  • Block 99% of harmful UV rays: Our residential window tinting reflects damaging UV light to protect your family, your decor, and your utility bills.

At Cool Solutions, we're dedicated to providing the Palm Desert area with quality customer service. Our professional window tinting protects your family and furnishings without changing the look of your home. Ready to get started? Contact Cool Solutions today to learn more about our window tinting services today.

Call us today to schedule a free estimate. (760) 346-1208

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