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Why choose Cool Solutions? At Cool Solutions we do things very differently than the average tint shop: we cover all door panels to make sure that there is no dip marks or damage on your door panels, we cut film with our computer plotting software to assure you that no glass or seals are cut, we place film pieces well below your seal so to prevent peeling, each window is installed in one step process; most shops use a two step method however, this can cause unnecessary contamination in between the film and glass. 


What is FormulaOne window film? FormulaOne window film is an exclusive film line from Eastman’s Llumar Elite program, FormulaOne: is proven the highest quality, most technologically advanced, and highest UV rated film ever manufactured. We only offer the highest quality product to our customers.

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When it’s all about the look of your vehicle and the image you want to project, the go-to choice is Classic Series. The soft charcoal look is available in a variety of shades. Select the one that complements your style then enjoy the enhanced look of your car.

LLumar Tesla 2 (2).jpg


Hybrid-matrix technology utilizes multiple layers made up of billions of nanoscopic particles create advanced infrared absorbing properties. Enhance your driving experience, reject up to 63% of solar heat, shield your passengers from more than 99% harmful UV rays while reducing interior fading and cracking.

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The Pinnacle Series delivers the ultimate all-around performance in automotive window tint. The innovative nano-ceramic construction offers our maximum heat and UV protection along with glare reduction without interfering with signals from electronic devices.

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AIR 80

This nearly clear film helps keep your vehicle cooler without the dark appearance of traditional tint. Protect yourself, passengers, car interior from harmful UV rays and reduce interior heat. Enjoy the benefits of conventional tint without changing the exterior appearance of your vehicle.

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